Review: Walker’s® Razor Patriot Ear Muffs

Arriving in Nevada for the annual gun event known as the S.H.O.T. Show’s Range Day, was exhilarating. Range Day was like walking through paradise in the middle of the desert. The unique sights, sounds, and smells flooded my senses with muzzle flashes and gun powder from thousands of rounds firing off. The highlight for participants was that everyone could experience the products first hand while getting in time at the range before the main convention began.

The 2018 Brownells® Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors had the pleasure of meeting a wide array of shooting enthusiasts, amazing competitors and corporate leaders from throughout the gun industry. As we walked the long stretch of rows, many demos seemed the same until a particular gentleman stood out to me. As he walked around his booth, there was a glow about him, a genuine happiness and a remarkable sense of pride. I felt naturally drawn to his display and wanted to learn more about Walker’s products.

It was a pleasure to meet Walker’s® Marketing and Sales Director, Ben Smith and he was passionate about his products. He offered all types of ear protection, from electronic ear plugs to Bluetooth headsets. Walker’s® Razor™ Patriot Pro Electronic Ear Muffs definitely caught my attention. These ultra slim, matte black muffs were not only sleek but ideal for small interchangeable Morale patches to personalize the style, which was right up my alley. Once Ben recognized my interest, he began to explain the different features and was slowly reeling me in. Showing off the Razors, Ben pointed out:  two omni-directional microphones, along with the recessed volume control and an audio input jack to connect with my cell phone. He had me, hook, line and sinker so I asked how I could get a pair. Unfortunately, he was not selling at the time. It seemed unconventional but he was just there to showcase his products for the industry and to educate others on the innovative engineering, the durable patent pending design and attractive selections. He confirmed I wanted them and then generously gave me the exact pair I had been admiring with no strings attached. This was my very first experience at Range Day and it caught me completely by surprise. They were not just intended for a product demonstration, they were freely given to me and the timing was incredible.

Throughout the rest of that day and many more since, the Patriot Muffs have been my ideal, go-to hearing protection. The Patriot’s provided fully dynamic range HD speakers so the sound was crisp and balanced for amplified surround sound. The frequency was tuned for very natural clarity. I loved the way they looked and that I could participate in a normal conversation at the range without the interference of gun fire or the threat of permanent hearing loss. The ability to hear and amplify my surroundings without hearing the full gun blast, worked perfectly for hunting and at the range so I did not miss safety instructions or a change of plans. I never knew what I was missing prior to the Patriot Ear Muffs. The sturdy metal framed headband was comfortable enough to wear all day without causing headaches from unnecessary pressure. While shooting everything from a fully automatic 5.56 to various shotguns, the Patriot’s noise reduction rating of 23db and the sound activated compression that triggered within a 0.02 second reaction time, proved that my new Patriots were always up to the task. I highly recommend Walker’s® Razor™ Patriot Ear Muffs for anyone looking for an affordable and high-quality set of electronic ear muffs. More information at


Editors Note: Walker’s® is a participant in our NSSP Discount Program. For information about ordering products for your Outpost, Section, or District, please contact us.

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