Review: Osprey 3-9×42 IRF Scope

It was as if time stood still as I walked down the massive halls of the annual gun event known as S.H.O.T. Show which was hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a much-anticipated trip for the 2018 Brownells® Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors and promised to be the premier shooting trade show of the year to showcase the latest and greatest gun products.

Among the thousands of products available, I knew I wanted to look for a new scope. On Day 2 of the show, I stopped by the Osprey® Global booth and was greeted by the Osprey® team including their President, Mr. Randy Burke. They were down to earth and after learning they were headquartered in my home state of Georgia, they seemed like family. It was the perfect opportunity to learn the most in-depth product information and catch the vision behind the company’s mission. They proudly introduced me to the Osprey® Compact 3-9×42 IRF Scope. The company has taken impressive steps to secure state of the art resources. They believe in their products and do not hesitate to back them up with an incredible lifetime warranty which is a good proposition, especially for a young man like myself. The more they told me about it, the more I wanted to try it out.

I was thrilled to be able to immediately take the scope home. It was simple to attach to an AR-15 platform since it came with picatinny rail ring mounts and added little weight, at only 18.7 ounces. There was no doubt that the 3-9×42 was designed for efficiency and to be user friendly since it was only 2 inches off center when sighted straight out of the manufacturer’s box. I had it fully installed and zeroed-in with 5 rounds in less than 10 minutes! The glass was impeccable with an objective lens of 42mm which helped illuminate the targets set in low light conditions. The lens was fog proof which was ideal for transitioning from ice box air conditioning to the stifling humidity of Georgia’s warm weather. With the scope being water proof, it was durable enough to ride uncased on the front of a hunting 4-wheeler. This scope looks amazing with the matte black finish and I was grateful for the included dustcovers.

The 3-9×42 was very impressive and the performance was true in close proximity or hundreds of yards out. The versatility allows you to set the optics to a zoomed-in picture for amazingly accurate long-distance shots. The use of ground breaking technology also lets you shoot with both eyes open and allows for quick follow up shots. Their one of a kind, fast focus eye piece, delivers crisp images as the sight rests close to the eye or is moved to varying distances away from the face. Osprey® Global boasts the best eye relief on the market and the Compact 3-9×42 IRF Scope lives up to that promise.  The Osprey® team treated me incredibly well and I could not be happier with the performance of my new scope. I definitely recommend Osprey’s® Compact 3-9×42 IRF Scope to anyone in the market for a reliable and rugged compact scope. I am looking forward to using it with my gun for years to come. Big thanks to Mr. Burke and the Osprey® team for such a well-crafted optic. For more information on this scope and other Osprey® products, visit or find them on your favorite social media forums.

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