Review: 5.11 Rush24 2.0 Backpack

As the first newly-appointed Ambassador of the National Shooting Sports Program (NSSP) in the Royal Rangers ministry, I was presented with a backpack by 5.11. The 5.11 backpack presented to me is the Rush24 2.0. At first look and feel, I really liked this backpack. It looks and feels very durable. It is the “Kangaroo” color, which I really like.  Then I dove into the working components and features of the backpack.

First of all, the fit – When I initially put on the back pack, of course I had to do all the adjusting. It was very easy to adjust to my body. The straps were very easy to figure out how to use. I got it adjusted sitting just below my shoulders and correctly sitting above my hips on the lower back. This is the correct way a backpack should be carried. What even makes it more comfortable is this backpack has four pads, two on the lower back and two on the upper back. After making the few adjustments to make it fit my body, this backpack felt very comfortable.

Next, the pockets –  There are pockets inside of pockets. There is an enormous amount of pockets, maybe a few too many. This is one of the cons that I have found for me personally. When I went looking for a certain item in my backpack, I would forget which pocket I put it in.  Then it took quite a while to find what I was looking for going through all the pockets. Some people may really like and use a lot of pockets, so you can decide for yourself.

I will tell you a story of what happened to me going through TSA at the airport.    I carried this backpack with me on an airplane. I had extra clothes and just random traveling items in the backpack. When it went through the xray machine at TSA, they put it to the side and wanted to talk to me and my Dad. The officer said there was a pocketknife in the backpack. He opened the backpack in front of us and pulled out the pocketknife, and yes, it was mine.    The very front large pocket has smaller pockets inside, and there is a space underneath those pockets which you cannot see.    You have to know that space is there. Remarkably, I had a pocketknife that apparently slid into that space underneath those pockets. I actually “emptied” the backpack before I packed it for traveling.    Here’s what is even more strange (or alarming) – the departure airport security did not find the knife. I traveled with it and was at an event in another city not knowing I had the pocketknife in my backpack the whole time. It was on the return trip that it was found by TSA.  Of course, they kept the pocketknife.

Another feature is on the bottom of the backpack, there are 4 loops that may be used for tying a bedroll to it. There are no bottom straps, but there are the loops to use for tying almost anything to the bottom.

Last feature is the enormous amount of molle webbing/daisy chains. Molle webbing is the webbing loops sewn to the sides or back of a backpack that let you clip extra gear to your pack. Molle webbing makes it easy to attach extra gear using carabiners or straps, and there are a lot of them.  Overall, the 5.11 Rush24 2.0 backpack is a very nice one to own. I really like it and will use it a lot. I will definitely check that little space underneath the pockets before I travel again, though.

By NSSP Ambassador Timothy Gell

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