Results for the 2021 Archery Postal Match


The purpose of this tournament is to offer Royal Rangers from across the country an opportunity to participate in a nationwide archery competition.


Recommend the completion of a basic archery instruction class.


Competition may be conducted by the district, section, or outpost
between January 1 and December 31.
All entries must be received by November 30.


Match may be conducted indoor or outdoor.


Individuals may compete in one or both divisions; Traditional or compound bow.
Individuals may compete only one time in each division in the same year.
All competitors must be a Boy or Man who is part of a Royal Ranger Outpost.


$5.00 per individual per division


Use attached score reporting form and send a photo or scan of completed forms to:
The NSSP Coordinator Darell Freeman at [email protected] 
A return email will supply you with mailing information for your entry fee.


Results will be tabulated, released and awards will be mailed after December 31.


Each age group will comprise a category.

  • 8 years and under at the time of competition
  • 9 years old at the time of competition
  • 10 years old at the time of competition
  • 11 years old at the time of competition
  • 12 years old at the time of competition
  • 13 years old at the time of competition
  • 14-15 years old at the time of competition
  • 16-17 years old at the time of competition
  • Adult: Must be member of church that has a chartered Outpost.


The National Royal Rangers Ministries will present awards for 1st through 3rd place in both divisions and in each age categories.


Mathews Genesis® compound bow and SKY Archery® recurve and longbows are available at discount pricing for non-profit organizations from Centershot Ministries. (
For more information on SKY Breeze and SKY Hurricane Bows, please see:

  • Any recurve or longbow bow may be used.
  • Only Genesis® compound bows may be used. (Use only the Genesis Original or Mini Bows. Use of the Mini Bows are for boys 8 years of age and younger. The Genesis Pro Bow is not to be used for postal match competitions.)
  • No sights or sighting aids may be used on any bow.
  • No mechanical release aids may be used (fingers only).
  • Finger tabs and arm guards are allowed.



Archers shall be assigned a target, and only arrows on that target, shot by the assigned archer will be counted for score.
No more than two competitors may shoot on each target at one time.
When more than one archer is shooting at the same target, the arrows must be identifiable to each archer by either color or other markings.

Shooting Distance:

Archers will shoot straddling a shooting line marked 15 yards from the targets.


Only 80 cm FITA-face (80 cm in diameter) five color, ten-ring target may be used.


All arrows must have target or field points only (no broad heads) and must be shot from bows using only the fingers with no sights. Easton 1820 Genesis arrows are recommended.


Archers may practice for as many arrows or any amount of time the instructor allows. The instructor must declare that the scoring has begun before the first arrows are shot for score.

Time Control:

Archers are allowed 2 minutes for 5 arrows. Instructor will announce when there are 30 seconds remaining if any archer has not shot all their arrows.


Archers will shoot 6 ends of 5 arrows each for a total of 30 arrows, 10ring scoring, with a total of 300 points possible.
Scorers will enter the value of each arrow in descending order on scorecards as called out by the competitor to whom the arrow belongs.
Any arrow that hits outside of the scoring rings or misses the target will be scored with the letter “M” for miss.
Scoring should be witnessed by at least two other competitors or the archery instructor.
Other competitors on the same target will check the value of each arrow called out, and in case of disagreement, they will call the instructor or judge.
An arrow will be scored according to the position of the shaft on the target face. If the shaft touches two colors or touches any dividing line between two scoring zones, the arrow will score the higher value of the two zones involved.
Neither arrow nor the target face should be touched until all the arrows on that target face have been recorded.

Tie Scores:

In the event of a tie score, the participant with the greater number of
highest scoring arrows will be the winner. Count the number of 10-point scoring arrows. If still tied, count the number of 9-point scoring arrows and continue until
the tie is broken.

Basic Instructions for Conducting the Postal Archery Tournament

  1. Download all postal archery tournament event information.
    1. NSSP Archery Postal Match Score Form (fillable)
  2. Secure equipment.
  3. Instruct in archery safety.
  4. Practice the skills.
  5. Schedule the postal archery tournament event.
  6. Review all information and rules before the event.
  7. Record the scores at the range on the Range Score Card. (see page 5) Use guidelines listed in the Match Rules.
  8. Confirm the scores and transfer the information to the Archery Scoring Form.
  9. Confirm that ALL contact information is included on the reporting form.
  10. Include the registration fee for every individual entry.
  11. Send in results by email to:
    The NSSP Coordinator Darell Freeman at [email protected] 
  12. If you have any questions, you may contact Ron Heatherly, NSSP Field Adviser, at [email protected].

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