NSSP Published in Muzzle Blasts Magazine

Dixie Gun Works collaborated with Pedersoli to produce this Scout Shotgun. It is a Dixie Exclusive! It’s lightweight and simple, no frills. It is a strait forward practical firearm. Due to it’s simplicity and light weight, it makes a fine firearm for teaching new shooters the sport of Muzzle Loading Shotgun! In fact, one of the new shooters who showed to to the WSN to try it, hit his clay with his first shot! He had never shot a Black Powder Firearm before! Royal Rangers is an activities based, mentorship ministry for young men. We are church based and have 125,000 members nationwide. Our National Shooting Sports Program has 6 disciplines including Black Powder and Trap, along with Smallbore, Air Rifle, B.B. Gun, and Archery. This new Shotgun is just what we are looking for to bring new shooters as young and 12-13 years old, into the fun world of Muzzle Loading Shotgun!
Bravo to Dixie Gun Works and Pedersoli for putting out another fantastic product! Thanks to the NMLRA for hosting us at the WSN!



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