Novagrade Double Gripper Universal Digiscoping Cellphone Adapter

Novagrade Double Gripper Universal Digiscoping Cellphone Adapter

    Novagrade donated one Double Gripper Universal Digiscoping Cellphone Adapter to our current National Ambassador of the Royal Rangers National Shooting Sports Program (NSSP).  This digiscoping adapter adapts your phone to nearly any binocular, spotting scope, or round ocular optic.  Novagrade claims you can use it with ANY cellphone.  We did use it with 4 different cellphones, and it worked great with all 4 of them.  It also works with cellphone cases on. 

     Construction material of the Digiscoping Adapter is adonized aluminum.  It has soft touch grippers that can be adjusted in any direction to ensure they do not interfere with buttons.  The one we received is the Double-Gripper style, which we recommend.  This adapter came with 6 different compression rings of different sizes for use of all different types of optics.

     We were really able to zoom in our cellphone cameras for GREAT pictures.  We used it on a spotting scope, and it worked GREAT.  One of the best features is the ability for more than one person to see through a spotting scope at the same time using the screen of the cellphone.  You can really take some awesome “close-up” pictures if you have a good camera on your phone.  You can also record videos on your cellphone using this device.

     This does sport the highest quality universal digiscoping adapter on the market, with a double phone grip system for added stability in harsh conditions.  It is ideal for guides and professionals looking for lifetime construction in more challenging conditions.

     We at the NSSP are grateful for the donation of this product to our National Ambassador.  The NOVAGRADE website has catalog, technology, and gallery sections, as well as tips and tricks and support sections. To look at this product as well as many other products, visit the NOVAGRADE website at 

Anthony Gell,  NSSP National Ambassador

Kevin Gell,  NSSP National Ambassador Facilitator

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