Shooting Sports Merits

The National Royal Rangers Ministry has many merits available. Merits are earned by completing certain tasks/assignments, with a certain level of proficiency. These are used in the advancement trail to earn awards, medals, and advancements. From astronomy to animal husbandry, BB gun to Black Powder, there is sure to be a merit that peaks your interests. Among those merits is a variety of Shooting Sport oriented merits. You can view all of the merits available, including the ones mentioned here, on

Firearm Safety

Rangers learn the rules of safe firearms handling, storage, and use. Through a hands on learning experience, Rangers get to demonstrate their safety knowledge, attitude and skills through a series of practical exercises and written tests. Upon completion of this merit Rangers receive their Firearm Safety Card.


Marksmanship (blue)

Rangers learn the fundamentals of marksmanship, Breathing, Hold Control, Trigger Control, Sight Alignment and Sight Picture.

Advanced Marksmanship (green)

This Merit is step up from the Marksmanship Merit. It offers a refresher in the fundamentals and offers more time to practice and hone those fundamental skills.


BB Gun (blue) and BB Gun ( green)

Nothing  can be more fundamental than a classic BB Gun. Ah, but we aren’t shooting old tin cans in the backyard for this merit. Here we will learn all about 4 position competitive BB gun shooting! Using the Daisy 499 Precision Competition BB gun we dive in to the shooting positions and implementing the Fundamentals of Marksmanship to compete against ourselves as we improve our scores. There are two BB Gun Merits, the second being a more advanced undertaking with more trigger time than the first.


Archery (green) and Advanced Archery (silver)

We wont be robbing the rich to give to the poor in this merit but we will hopefully be “Robin Hooding” a few arrows! In Archery and advanced archery we start at the basics of traditional and modern competitive archery. We learn how to care for and maintain traditional bows and modern compound bows, and of course we learnt to shoot them as well.



Air Rifle (green) and Air Rifle (silver)

These are certainly not BB Guns any more. These Air Rifles are shooting a lead pellet three times the distance as the BB guns in the other merit. In these Air Rifle Merits we apply those fundamental skills to the art of 3-Position Air Rifle shooting. Standing, Prone and Kneeling. These high precision rifles are sure to drive your competitive edge and help you hone your skills as you practice and hone those finer skills in shooting.



Smallbore Safety (silver) and Smallbore Shooting (silver)

Just another step on the trail to precision, Smallbore Rifle dives into the sport of shooting .22 cal rifles. Using Iron Sights, Scopes, or Red Dots, these rifles have a variety of sighting options to learn and experience. The Smallbore Safety Merit takes Rangers through the NRA Basic Rifle Course, while the Smallbore Shooting Merit gives Rangers the opportunity to practice, and hone the new skills they have acquired.



Shotgun Safety (silver)and Shotgun Shooting (silver)

Remember those sights we learn to use? These shotguns don’t have them. This sport is more about intuition and instinct then aiming. Learn to shoot a shotgun at flying clay targets and actually hit them. It sounds harder than it really is, though it’s an incredibly challenging and rewarding sport to master. In Shotgun Safety Rangers take the NRA Basic Shotgun Course, then in Shotgun Shooting they spend time on the range honing their new skills and improving their scores.


Blackpowder Safety (silver) and Blackpowder Shooting (silver)

One of the oldest shooting sports and a favorite, for obvious reasons, of the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship, another affiliate program for Royal Rangers USA. In Blackpowder Safety Rangers attend the NRA Muzzle Loading Rifle Course or the NMLRA Muzzle Loading Rifle course. Then in Blackpowder Shooting they take their new knowledge and skills to the range and shoot from various positions and with some new equipment. Powder, Patch and Ball!!!


Frontier Rifleman (silver)

This merit is a new Arrowhead Merit brought to us by the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship. Part of this merit entails building your own black powder rifle as well as other fine skills associated with the Frontiersman trade! Dive deep into becoming a marksman and true black powder specialist.


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