NRA & NSSP National Ambassador Program Update

Since 2008, the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) has hosted its own “National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassador” program with the sole purpose of promoting shooting sports among our younger generations. It is the program’s mission for its Ambassadors to inspire younger individuals nationwide to participate in shooting sports as the next generation of sportsmen and sportswomen. Sponsored by Brownells, Inc., the program was founded by NRA youth program Co-Op Coordinator, Claudia Olsen, with the […]

Friends of the NRA Grants

The Friends of the NRA Grant program is a great way for your Outpost, Section, Division or District to get a shooting program started or add to an existing program. It provides a way to get free equipment to allow the boys exposed to the field of shooting. The Grant program is not only firearms, it also has equipment like clay throwers, first aid trauma kits and even competitive clothing. The catalog does change over […]

Pro-Tip: Kneeling Positon

The kneeling position is one of the toughest positions for many people. It’s uncomfortable and can be pretty tricky to get consistent. Hopefully, this tip can help you get into your kneeling position more comfortably, consistently, but more importantly, with more stability. Here is Brody, an Adventure Ranger in Arizona. Brody is left handed. He is practicing the kneeling position as he works on his Advanced BB Gun merit. Now, notice where his forward foot […]

Review: Osprey 3-9×42 IRF Scope

It was as if time stood still as I walked down the massive halls of the annual gun event known as S.H.O.T. Show which was hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a much-anticipated trip for the 2018 Brownells® Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors and promised to be the premier shooting trade show of the year to showcase the latest and greatest gun products. Among the thousands of products available, I knew I wanted to look […]

Review: Walker’s® Razor Patriot Ear Muffs

Arriving in Nevada for the annual gun event known as the S.H.O.T. Show’s Range Day, was exhilarating. Range Day was like walking through paradise in the middle of the desert. The unique sights, sounds, and smells flooded my senses with muzzle flashes and gun powder from thousands of rounds firing off. The highlight for participants was that everyone could experience the products first hand while getting in time at the range before the main convention […]

Review: Savage® Arms 110 Scout

As a young firearms enthusiast, I have always enjoyed keeping up with the latest and greatest new products and upgrades on the market. This made the 2018 S.H.O.T. Show the place to be and in February, the NRA Shooting Sports Ambassadors walked the halls of this grand event and it was impressive and overwhelming. When I came to Savage® Arm’s booth, I saw something special with their reintroduced, yet to be released, Model 110 Scout™. […]

NSSP Published in Muzzle Blasts Magazine

Dixie Gun Works collaborated with Pedersoli to produce this Scout Shotgun. It is a Dixie Exclusive! It’s lightweight and simple, no frills. It is a strait forward practical firearm. Due to it’s simplicity and light weight, it makes a fine firearm for teaching new shooters the sport of Muzzle Loading Shotgun! In fact, one of the new shooters who showed to to the WSN to try it, hit his clay with his first shot! He […]