Are you a Royal Ranger into the Shooting Sports? Do you want an amazing opportunity to Represent the National Shooting Sports Program of Royal Rangers? Do YOU want the opportunity to attend meetings and conventions and earn/review free products and swag? Then Consider applying to be The NSSP Ambassador…..more information coming soon.

For over 50 years, Royal Rangers has been a mentoring program for future men, providing Christ-like character formation and servant leadership development for boys and young men in a highly relational and fun environment. Our mission is to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christ-like men and lifelong servant leaders.
National Royal Rangers commissioned a new shooting sports program, which began with BB Guns and NRA Postal Competitions. Launched in May of 2001, the National Shooting Sports Program (NSSP) of Royal Rangers steadily expanded to include additional shooting disciplines, and more local and National Competitions.
As an active Special Program of Royal Rangers, the NSSP exists to support the mission and purpose of Royal Rangers, while promoting a safe and rewarding shooting sports experience for all.
Designed to capture the interests of a wide range of young men and boys, the NSSP is a creative and exciting program where discipline and self-control is celebrated, and where our “Mentoring Mission” – focusing the adventurous spirit of this generation, and developing them into Christ-like servant-leaders – can be fully incorporated.
Interactive and lasting friendships, fun activities, and fulfilling advancement plans based on Royal Rangers Merit guidelines are just the beginning.
Royal Rangers have the opportunity to develop their shooting skills by getting involved in the NSSP through a variety of shooting sports disciplines. The challenge of individual and team competition extends from the Outpost to National Championships. In addition, it is no coincidence that four of the six shooting disciplines offered by the NSSP are also Olympic competition categories. We are hopeful that someday, a Royal Ranger will be competing on the world-stage at the Olympics.

The National Shooting Sports Program disciplines include:

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